Things I Want My Children To Know

This composition was first composed in a matter of about two and a half days as the list of things I hoped to pass along to my children.  These things just poured out on the ‘paper’ as my heart is towards my children and their successful life. I’m posting on Saturdays as Saturday has always been our ‘Family Day’ where we would work together, relax together, play together, eat together, read together, etc. Originally, there were 52 items that I am to list one per week but since I did not want to limit myself to just 52 things for my children to know, I have taken the numbers off and ‘opened’ it up for further additions. However, the first 52 things are my initial heart’s desire for them. In the future, I’ll just simply tag all of them with ‘Things I Want My Children To Know.’ 

So, to start things off, I’ll start off with the first thing I thought of:

Things I Want My Children To Know:

I love you forever and always.

Until later . . . Jonathan Watson

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