What Is The Online Toolbox?


Toolbox (Photo credit: Sorensiim_OLD)


So, are you asking, “Exactly what is The Toolbox?” The toolbox is just that, a “box” of various “tools.” Mechanics have large upright red boxes with drawers of various instruments. Dentist, though not really a box have an assortment of specific tools related to their trade too.  However, when I specify the word “box” in this instance, I mean an online compilation of thoughts, advise, instructions, curious oddities, stories, et cetera. These things are nuggets that I’d like to tell my sons and daughter as they grow into adulthood, and eventually, as they grow into their matrimonial union (if they desire), and continue growing further into their years (as I’ve learned, the more I know, the more I realize there is more to grow into…more to learn).


When I say “tools” I’m referring to anything that will lead them to success. When a carpenter or mechanic need to accomplish a task, they reach for the right tool. Why? Because they have learned that there are jobs for all tools but all tools are not for all jobs and if they choose the right one, the job will be done much faster and less people get hurt in the process. Using the examples of the Mechanic and Dentist, maybe you are familiar with some of their tools: Mechanic use wrenches, calipers, grease guns, impact drivers, and so many others and a dentist might reach over and grab their Mouth mirror, Retractors, (the “fun”) Dental drills, Burnishers, Pluggers, or Extraction instruments. Each trade has their very own specialized tools and though a dentist could do some work using a Mechanic’s tools, they wouldn’t nearly be as successful and the same is true for a mechanic using dental tools, the job just wouldn’t quite be the same. The same is true for adults … we too have various tools at our disposal. Success is what we all desire … success in life, finances, relationship, et cetera. Can you think of anything you don’t want to do successfully? I doubt it. From building a fence to balancing a checkbook or communicating love to our spouse to “winning” a fight with them. We all want to do what we do with successful outcomes. The tools I’ll be writing about aren’t necessarily things I’ve always been a master at myself; in fact like most tools, they take time to use efficiently, productively, and correctly. Many of the lessons I’ve learned about these tools are the result of smashing my thumb with my 26 oz. waffle head hammer or narrowly escaping after the jack holding my marriage dropped out from under it.


So together I’ve called it The Toolbox … where together I have an online gathering of things that will lead the reader circumvently around roadblocks, trip hazards, life-shatter detours, and so forth. Maybe the reader will still have their own issues to navigate, but hopefully they can see what tools I’ve gathered over the years and how I have used them (successfully or as a failure). It is my prayer that you, the reader will be blessed through these writings but more importantly to me, I pray that one day my children will read these things and know that despite our distance, I love them and look out for their good, regardless. Please pray for me as I write/deliver these lessons and reveal the secrets I’ve learned (usually the hard way or still learning) for the proper use of “tools” all around us.


So, with that in mind, I dedicate these writings, this blog, first to God as He is the Master Craftsman working in and through my life (may He be glorified in this) and also to my children, whom I love.


Jonathan Watson



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