Why Blog?

I have been musing on the idea of entering back into the spheres of blogging again.  Due to tremendous time constraints of a new job and then any free time that I DID have was quickly gobbled up by my family priorities, the blog has slipped to the back of a long line of wishes and even some guilt associations.  According to Eric Pangburn of Snitchim.com on April 13, 2013, says that there are OVER 239,882,754 blogs out there with some of the big name posting sites (Blogger or Blogsome) not being included. As I reflected on starting up a blog again, some have asked me:

“Why blog?”

While doing a bit of reading the other day, the question “Why do I blog” was a question that I found in a thread about getting more followers and here is part of the answer that timethief gave in reference to why many blog:

Blogging is a means of obtaining recognition and validation.

In essence, we blog:

  1. to be heard;
  2. to receive comments;
  3. to enter into dialog;
  4. to form relationships;
  5. to build a reader community.

To these reasons I would add, even why I started blogging in the first place, I blog to give some food for thought for those who may be struggling in their marital relationships, their parenthood, or in their person-hood in general.

Therefore, “What do I bring to this mix,” you may ask. In my opinion, the subject that I feel passionate about is that of the human male species. A subject that, though a niche, is a subject that has been inundated with commercialism and marketing ploys for male enhancements, muscle growth, prostate  cancer, and erectile dysfunction to other hobby related chatter.  There are sexual promiscuous sites out there, blogs for the husband, blogs for the single man hoping to strike it rich in dating techniques, or blogs of medically pertinent information to the man. Being a Man is a fire and time tested entity, one that to me seems to need much focused dialog and as much help as possible. So even though the majority of my postings may have a bent towards the male sex in general … the female gender may also find a few thoughts to ponder as well.

Of the near half a billion blogs out there, the purpose of this blog is not to fill the minds of reading men with ploys for their money and other humanistic blather. Rather my passion is to help others become better through an entirely Christian faith-based approach to common issues in order to become the person that their families, communities, and society needs. Through the application of biblical principles, the tools that God has given us, and other curious material I find, I strive to help others become mentally and emotionally stable, physically fit, and spiritually alive.

In no way do I claim to have the all the answers. This blog is strictly a sounding board that I can post lessons God has brought be through and that I have learned (or am learning) through my own trials and mistakes. This blog is written to those that are seeking more than just being knowledgeable, but to be a better in general. I invite your comments, suggestions, and input as together we learn who and what God desires us to be.

Question: What do you want to know about me … ask (who knows, maybe I’ll reveal something you never knew about me).

Until later . . .

P.S. I would love to get some feedback from you; please leave me a comment or share this on your Facebook  

Jonathan Watson


4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. My question would be if you are not blogging for money or fame why your post includes so many links and catch phrases from Google searches? When I visit a new blog if it is full of non-relevant links and traffic generating strategies, I do not take their writing seriously and only as a ploy to gain notoriety. If you are passionate about blogging and writing you do just that and let it speak for itself. Some of the most visited website are of no use and completely annoying, no one takes them as authentic and honest.

    • This is a good point JJ. Thank you for your thoughts. You are right. Though I never stated as such, I am not blogging for money or fame, nevertheless, I am blogging (as opposed to keeping a private diary tucked under my mattress) and use the search phrases as a hope that those looking for something relevant may find this blog and its content helpful and/or enlightening.

      However you stumbled upon my blog, I’m glad it was found by you and I had the opportunity to read your thoughts. Thank you for your input. Jw

  2. Jonathan,
    You are a very thoughtful, talented and articulate young man. I wish I was better able to express my thoughts and feelings to be a good architect of words, like you. Keep up the good work in the future! With Love, Uncle Steve

    • Hello there Steve,

      Thank you for your kind words. We each have skills and talents meant to be used in a manner that God receives the glory. Take your business for instance, , you are in a unique position to server others in a way that I am unable to at this point in my life. Your skills and talents are certainly noticeable and commendable.

      Thank you again for your encouragement.


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