Dare to Dream

Easter Thoughts

Pirates of the Caribbean

Easter is tomorrow and I’m listenin to the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest soundtrack on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It probably isn’t the most productive afternoon, but after a week of workin around the farm, helping a friend in town for a few days this week as well, and doing some Spring-cleanin in the landscape realms at church this morning, I think it is a rather good way to spend a lazy afternoon. After returning from the outside work at church this morning, I came home to check on the cows and sheep to see if we had any new critters joining the fold. It’s the beginning of April and we’re expecting a lot of birthing activity around the farm in the next day or two. It’s Easter season and besides the wonderful yellow flowers in full bloom everywhere, the animals are in full bloom too you might say. However, I digress from the intent of this blog post today. I’m going to start with a question to get your mind really workin and thinkin and I’ll end with a list of 5 things you can do to make your wildest dreams come true.

Easter: Dare to Dream

What’s your wildest dream?

In your wildest imagination, what is the most impossible dream you could ever dare consider for your life? I know some people would love to go back to college after being kicked out. Others would love to be married (maybe to the “one”). Some would love to have relationships restored, maybe with a long-lost sibling. Maybe it is to see a business that you’ve put your heart and soul into for years, finally take off and be successful.  For others, maybe you cannot imagine what life would be like to not drink or shoot up again and you just wish, with  all your might that you could put those pills down. Maybe you can look back over the course of your life and see the damage that anger, pornography, or apathy has caused and wish you could turn a new leaf and be done. What is your crazy dream … the dream that comes to mind and you quickly dismiss it as being impossible?

Today, the day before Easter, as I was laying bed, I asked the Lord what he’d like me to read this mornin’ and he put on my heart Ephesians chapter three. Now, to be honest, I read it in the version I grew up with as a child, KJV, but regardless of the version, I didn’t really get the point of the reading. Halfway through, I paused, and asked the Lord if I was reading it too fast or something. “Do I need to read it again,” I asked. He just prompted me to keep reading, and then, as I neared the end, verse 20 leaped up off the page at me, here it is:

Eph 3:20 Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]

Easter: Dare to Dream

What’s keepin you from being successful?

Though the verse jumped off the page at me, I really didn’t know why. The rest of the morning, while at the church doing the spring cleanup with a couple of other guys, the verse continued to echo in my mind “… he who is able to do far more than we can ask, think, or imagine…” Every time, the question came to my mind, “What do we have to do for God to knock our dreams outta the park?” That question kept coming back to my mind, repeatedly. I almost asked it aloud to some of the guys I was working with, but I didn’t. I just kept mulling it over and over in my mind, asking myself, and asking God. Then the answer came to me as I was pulling up weeds and flowers in the flowerbeds. Sometimes, despite the history we have with the weeds or flowers in our lives, in our relationships, in our business, in our homes, etc. we have to allow the Master Gardener the opportunity to come in and pull out the unwanted weeds, the unwanted flowers in our lives. At church, we had these raised flowerbeds, about two feet high, lined with concrete stones. At one time, I’m sure they were masterfully done, but over the course of the years, beautiful green grass and yellow flowers had choked out the desired plants. I can tell you this; lush green grass is a wonderful thing in your yard. Dandelions too are wonderful greens to have in a salad or to make a cup of tea with, but either of these can be harmful, even fatal, to the plants the gardener wanted to be growing in there.

After finishing at church, I got a text from a friend and it made me think of this verse again … What an awesome Easter verse! True, it’s probably not the most traditional passage one might think of, but all the same, it is awesome. This morning, the text I received from my friend, mentioned how the disciples must have been at the lowest of their low today, the day just prior to the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. She was right too. They had just witnessed the death of their best friend, their teacher, their hope for a new life. They didn’t know he was going to come back to life the next day, like we know now. It was beyond their wildest imaginations. Little did they know that God had a plan, despite their lowest of lows. However, this point didn’t hit me right away.

Over the course of most of this past year, I had the awesome privilege to volunteer at a halfway house. This was a unique co-ed facility that through court order or voluntary submission, men and women would come with the hopes of ending their serious life controlling addictions. I miss the friends I made there and the weekly interaction. Every week, I would repeat the hope we have in Christ. He can change lives. He can mend the broken hearts. He can restore broken homes. He can heal the sick. He can shine light into a world of darkness. He can open the way where it seems like there is no way. He can.

Easter: Dare to Dream

Easter: Desperate Prayer

For some, like my friends at the halfway house, maybe it’s obvious to see what keeps them from succeeding in their lives. Nevertheless, I didn’t say it was easy. In your life, in your business, in your spiritual life, in your home, in your relationships … what needs to be pulled out by the root so that you can succeed? Is it too much to even dream about? What would life be like if you could just ____ (you fill in the blank). I don’t’ know where you find yourself today. Maybe you are in your lowest of lows, but let me tell you something, God can move mighty mountains if we will but let him. I know he has in my life and I know he can in yours as well. Usually, it is the simplest of prayers, maybe prayed repeatedly so we actually start believing them ourselves, but for me, the simplest of prayers prayed in anguish and desperation yields results. The Bible says, that the effective and fervent prayers of the faithful person will get-r-done (my translation lol).

Not only will God get-r-done, but through HIS strength, he’ll knock it outta the park. He promises that if we allow him to work in us, that he will do far more than we can think about, more than we can imagine, more than we can even dare to ask or dream about … beyond our highest prayers or hopes. Do you believe?

Five Steps Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True

  1. Ask God for a dream that’s bigger than you can imagine
  2. Ask God to remove any obstacle in your life, business, home, relationship, etc. that would hinder his dream for you
  3. Often times, what needs to be pulled out is our will … will you yield if he asks
  4. Let him work in your world and be patient
  5. Thank him for making your dream a reality (even if you don’t have it yet … you will)
Easter: Dare to Dream

Easter, a time of new beginnings and new dreams

Often times, we go through life, day after day, issue after issue and we find that before we know it, we are down a path that we have no idea how we got there and we might even feel lost. Usually, in those instances, it feels impossible to have that childlike hope to dream again. Nevertheless, I can tell you from personal experience, that there is hope. There is a way that you can obtain your dreams again. John 10:10 says that Jesus didn’t just come so that we can live, but so that through him we can have an abundant life … Do you believe he will help you have life and that you can live an abundant life more than you can dare to dream?

Until later . . . Jonathan Watson

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2 thoughts on “Dare to Dream

  1. Very good word of hope for those of us who have lost our way, faith, hope, dream/s, etc. We need to get back up, trust God, and let Him…..bring these into our lives. God wants us to reach out to Him and trust Him!

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