Plane Wrecked Man

The plane-wrecked man searching his isolated island sings out loudly, “Is anyone here?” Unbeknownst to him of the other soul, in a different realm. He unwittingly joins chorus alongside the man in the city who was startled by a noise who asks, “Is anyone there?” In their asking, the two reveal themselves as communicative and relationally bound beings; they must each individually confront their stark isolation and their inherent need for the reassurance of another being with whom they may relate.

Yet, even when they find another human soul with which they may relate, those lonely wanderers shall continue to keep quest until they discover that which they seek. Human relationship is merely a shadow of that which is innately present in each of our beings. The ones who, in their quiet isolation of the soul continue to ask, “Is anyone there” will find the One whose omnipresent love fills the space with warmth and drives out the darkness of their heart that makes one lonely. Subsequent this rightly associated relationship, his or her initial question of “Is anyone there?” will then be extended for another reason. They will ask in search of other people who, on their own personal islands of isolation, need the touch of a Savior. Then, those souls, isolated no longer, brought together by one greater, may rejoice together in Whom they have found.

Like the two men in the beginning, we are each in search of the one who can relate to us, meet our innate needs, and fulfill our longings. Human relationships will not fulfill; they merely illuminate our need. So tell me, have you found the One whose omnipresent love fills your being and affords you the currency of relational fulfillment and peace?

Until later . . . Jonathan Watson

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