13 Things worth Fighting For

In my previous article, I  started raising some questions as to what was worthy of a fight. The initial thrust of this article was written with a bent towards my boys for the purpose of teaching them things that were worthy of a good ol’ fight. Maybe my daughter will get some good out of this article too. Here are 13 things I started to make a list of:

  1. Fight for your right to leave a bunch of troublemakers. You will be called many names. You are none of these things.
  2. Fight for your right to a bit of peace and quiet (usually you have to fight for it). You know that brief stretch of time that is your own. You may not get it until 10 p.m., but make sure you get it.
  3. Fight for your workout time. Nonnegotiable. A deal breaker. Similar to the one above, this too you will have to fight to ensure.
  4. Fight for your right to waive off wrongs. One mistake doesn’t have to rule your life (though the consequences may) unless you let it. Each hour that we have, is a new hour. Each day, a new day. Each moment, a new moment … what are you going to do with yours, live in the past or move into your new future? The road to success is literally strewn with potholes of mistakes. Avoiding them all is impossible
  5. Fight for ‘true love.’ There is so person out there who will solve your problems or meet all your wish lists. There is no love at first sight without work and commitment. It isn’t the other person’s perfection that you should be after but rather the person that balances you. Their imperfections will compliment and balance yours perfectly
  6. Fight the fight! Before you give up, think about what you are giving up on and how unfortunate it would be if the results you once hoped for and worked for needed another push to achieve. How crushing would it be to hear that 5 minutes after you left the dock, the boat arrived you had been waiting for? Take breaks, but don’t give up.
  7. Similar to the one above, Fight to stay on the dock … don’t get off the dock (at least right away). This is one of those “worth fighting for” moments because when you are in a situation and all you can do is think about how good it would be to leave … stay. Take a breath and reevaluation you motives. Change for the sake of change will not bring the positive results you are hoping to achieve. You have two choices. You can use your time and energy to make this possible change and start completely over OR you can take the same time and energy and apply them to making your present situation a better place. Use the mistakes or frustrations you’ve already made to know what you shouldn’t do in the future. For instance, what would have happen if Thomas Edison had changed pathways on his 900th experiment, or is 999th, or even on his 1,000th? He tried over 1,000 times when working on his invention of the light bulb. When a reporter asked him about his many failures, Edison simply said, “It just meant that I was that many times closer to success.”
  8. Fight to be the true you. Physical makeovers and personal inner growth can be super rewarding, but only when the process of change is based on honesty and truth.  When you aren’t being true to yourself somewhere in your life, whether with others or even with yourself, change based on these misconceptions is doomed for failure, frustration, and even anger. You can’t run from the true you. It doesn’t stop being true just because you ignore it, fake it, or call it someone else’s’ problem. The only thing being fake does is mislead those that care for you and it creates a dark chasm, a void-like black hole that you will remain until you are honest with yourself. So, be the real YOU and not who you think other want you to be. Remember, the Truth, will set you free.
  9. God
  10. Marriage
  11. Your Children
  12. The Innocent
  13. Lastly, I thought of writing: Fight for right (as in righteousness), not Rights.

But it was this statement that ended my stream of thought, that made me pause, take note … stop. You see, I asked myself, “Do I have the right to a happy marriage?” “Do I have any rights to having children (let alone happy, obedient, polite, neat, clean, peaceful, artistic, smart children)?” “Do I have the right to ‘true love’ or ‘my own time’?” Whom am I fooling? Are these things really mine? Do I need to fight for God? Is He so puny that He needs me to fight and defend His honor? I think not.

In my next post, I’ll explore and reveal a little more of who I am and some of my own struggles. But tell me, what things do you have to fight for?

Until later . . . Jonathan Watson

P.S. To see this series in it’s entirety, click the tag ‘Right or Rights.’ To see a little more about me, click here or about my overall blog, check this out. I love feedback (and work best with lots of it) so, please feel free to REPLY to anything I’ve written. Just scroll down to the “Leave a Reply” box and type away!  Thanks!


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