A Canadian U-Turn

NY: Last US Exit

NY: Last US Exit (Photo credit: wallyg)

When the sign said, “Last exit before Canadian border,” I knew I had gone too far. A combination of music blaring and social media played into my distracted state. As I turned around, I thought of how in life we often get distracted, get knocked off course, or are mindlessly dawdling along our way and before we know it, a sign similar to the one I saw along the highway jumps up and tells us we’re going the wrong way. What do we do?

The Bible is pretty clear that we are able to turn around and start fresh. One such verse is Acts 3:19. It speaks of turning from our own ways and turning around to God for times of refreshing. For many of us, at least for me, I have to learn my lessons the hard way. I’m getting better at that, but still, many of us have to hit rock bottom to realize that it’s the Rock we need to be clinging to. The neat thing about God though is that there really isn’t a “Last exit” besides when die. It is never too late to say “Whoa, let’s turn this thing around!” until we die. The misfortunate thing is though is that we never know when we are going to die. A good friend of mine is going to a funeral today. Yesterday, another friend of mine was taken to the Emergency Room. Life is short and from my experience, for those that aren’t living a life according to God’s ways, it is typically shorter than one that is. I’m not talking about the tragedies we all have to encounter like losing a spouse to a tragic disease or a daughter to cancer. Rather, if you take two similar people, side-by-side, all points being equal with the exception that one is leading a Godly life and the other isn’t, generally, the one who is trusting in God will far surpass the one that isn’t. Tell me something, have you ever had a “Last exit…” sign in your life? What was it that communicated to you that you were going the wrong way? If you haven’t had that happen before, what would it take to convince you that the life you are living now, the course you are on, could be an even better one than you are currently traveling down?           

Until later . . . Jonathan Watson

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