Falling Snow

Tonight …

Softly; silently; the snow fell.


In the alley, dark with lore; I faced my enemy.

A genuine fiend-of-darkness for certain.

I’ve faced this sorcerous adversary seven times previous,

Even sitting down across a shared meal before.

But this was different.


Ne’er before was the openness of debauchery strewn abroad like dirty laundry.

A debauchery cloaked in dark feelings of sick love.

Ne’er before, was the tryst executed in open annals?


Eight months into this new and latest perversion of 6 years,

I acknowledged his existence for the first time to his face.

His name slipped past my once fiercely guarded lips.

Speaking the name of my foe, we all attribute shame to;

With a power beyond me, I turned towards him and smiled.


My smile was not performed in a sinister tone,

Rather it was a form of silent communication.

In one way, it acknowledged, man to man, that I trusted the very lives of all I hold dear,

Not into his hands, but into one much bigger than he … into God’s hands.

Second, it was something that was, at this point just in my own soul, indicative of the forgiveness that has been meted out towards me, two millennia prior.


Upon my charger, he sat my flag in his hand.

Into God’s hands, I commit these things, as


Softly; silently; the snow fell.


Until later . . . Jonathan Watson

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3 thoughts on “Falling Snow

  1. Mentally I am left kneeling watching the vehicle drive away and you creating fresh prints in the snow as the gentle flakes continue to fall as the curtains close ……..

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