Light of the World


.christmas garland

.christmas garland (Photo credit: ]babi])


Tonight, I helped put up about 75 yards of fresh garland and lights, five Christmas trees, countless wreaths, snowflakes galore, ribbons, bows, glitter monograms, and bulbs and berries on everything. None of it though,




compared to the memories I have with my family of candy canes, popcorn and cranberry garland, white lights, and homemade Christmas tree decorations all on our family’s fresh cut tree. Hours






into the process with my family, after the initial excitement had worn off, and the hundreds of lights that sparkled brilliantly filled our minds with awe we each took a chocolate covered cherry in one hand, cocoa (with a candy cane dissolving in the warm cup of heaven) in the other and we would sit down with the lights off admiring our work. As we sat there, fighting off the sleepies, memories of hand print decorations, or clothespin snowmen, or paper plate angles would begin to pass through our minds and slip effortlessly over our lips that would only spawn another memory by another child.






Laying in the living room, looking up at the tree with it’s brilliantly lit lights makes me miss those days. We as followers of Christ are to be like that … brilliantly showing the Light of the World in the darkness. Tell me, when you think of Christmas, what memories do you have of seeing or showing the Light in the dark world?






Until later . . . Jonathan Watson






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