Dependable Tools

My Android Phone

My #Android Phone (Photo credit: Mark Lincoln)

This morning I awoke, for the second day in three, to silence. That is a bad thing. As I have used my phone (whichever phone I’ve owned at the time) as an alarm clock, I’ve grown dependent upon it. I have never had an issue with using it, but this morning now for the second time, it froze up on me in the middle of the night! Well, fortunately I have a backup phone/clock (but it wasn’t in use at the time). But this morning as I was climbing up into the truck, it dawned on me about dependable tools … or just dependability in general! As you can imagine, a faulty tool, or in my case a faulty phone, can cause tremendous frustrations and needless stress. Are you a dependable person? Can other people count on you when you say you’ll say or do something or be somewhere, that you’ll follow through? I can think of three people right off the top of my head that (besides work, for which they are timely) when they say they’ll be somewhere at a certain time, you just know that they won’t be … they are not reliable, dependable. It is important that as we progress in this life that we fight for a good name, one that can be counted on in good times and bad. Don’t be the kind of person that makes excuses for why you couldn’t keep your word. If you see a trend in that area, then stop giving your word. I do that all the time. I’ll say, “I’ll be there after 4:30” if I know that 4:30 would be a push. Or, “I’ll try, no promises …”

Question: I’m writing this on the day that I’m late to work myself (thanks to my phone). I’m not perfect. I am writing this based on my errors and my attempts to overcome them. Fight for a good reputation … it’s all people will know you as. Tell me, what’s your reputation like, are you dependable to your word?

Until later . . .

Jonathan Watson


3 thoughts on “Dependable Tools

  1. Everyone knows that they can count on me to be at work, an appointment, or whatever on time. If they call me up and say hey Sis can you pick up the kids for me, that I will. I am that dependable, you could almost set your clock to me.

    • That’s awesome BookJunkiez. I’ve heard people say, that actions aren’t as important as what we say … but I disagree. Our actions are an outward expression of who we are on the inside. So, kudos to you for establishing a good dependable reputation. I’m sure your family values that greatly. Jw

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