Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning while working with my #Atlas grinder difficulties arose. I don’t know the price of this particular tool but according to rumor, they cost $1,500.00 to replace (I don’t buy them one at a time). I’ve had this grinder for about two months, oiled it, greased it, and maintained it on a regular basis. It is a good tool. I don’t want to trade it for another any time soon … it’s a good tool. Well, this morning I was going along, happy-go-lucky just grinding away and soon, about 30 minutes into my task I noticed it bogging down rather easily; about 5 minutes later, it had gotten worse. What was wrong with my tool … my expensive, good tool?! Well, it wasn’t the tool in this instance, it was the air supply. Far away, just out of earshot, my compressor had blown a gasket and ceased its functional operation.

This tool is much like me, as I thought about this later on, and after I got my backup compressor running and hooked up. In all manner of speaking, I’m a pretty good tool. Not that I’m boasting, but I am. God made me good. I’m a good tool, especially in a master’s hand. In addition, I’m an expensive one to boot! The price paid for me was one of eternal proportion, it cost a Holy Lamb’s sacrificial life so that I could live and be a functional tool and component of His Toolbox. But in all honesty, ‘goodness’ isn’t because of my superior skills, talents, or smarts. My goodness comes because of God and others in my life. Like my grinder, I would just be a good tool sitting on the concrete floor lifeless if it wasn’t for the air supply. When the air supply vanished so did my functionality of my tool. When God becomes something distant, when I walk away from God, I become a tool full of potential but no functionality. I believe that I am the least of people and like I have said in my resume … “my success is due to the tremendous teams for which I have been a part of.” Whether it’s the work ethic instilled in me as a young boy by my parents, the training provided for me by many many people, the hands-on help provided by those in the trenches beside me, or the #GraceOfGod that has been given me … through those around me I am what I am. In my life, my supporters are many: parents, friends, in-laws, mentors, teachers, pastors, co-workers, supervisors, etc. etc. etc.

Question: In life, take time to acknowledge the “air” that makes you a functional tool. Tell me, who’s your support; who’s your air supply that gives your tool, functionality?

Until later . . .

Jonathan Watson

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