A Tool of “Thanksgiving” #2


Dingy (Photo credit: Niina C)

There are many angles to understanding this tool we’ve come to know as thanksgiving. As we look at this key further, the importance of its presence becomes paramount. A couple of days ago, in talking to a good friend of mine about a totally unique set of circumstances, she said, “I never realized how much I took for granted how you are always thanking me for everything I do,” as she was getting to know a new friend. A thankful heart is more than one that merely says “Thanks.” A thankful heart is one that really doesn’t come natural, for all legitimate purposes. Why do I say that? Well, life is full or crap … bad grades, bad weather, natural disasters, rebellious children, car wrecks from the deer that leaps over the guard rail and into your windshield, the husband who you thought was the poster-child of awesome dads and men in general is caught in a several year-long affair that he leaves you after the 7th or 8th time taking the children with him, you’ve been diagnosed with an illness where parts or your body have to be surgically removed, you’re going on nine months of unemployment and Christmas is next week for your spouse and four children, eviction and utility shutoff notices become common place, you lose your child, or in my case all five … life isn’t a happy place … it’s full of crappy events and circumstances. Life rarely lets you go very long on a winning-streak … usually, you’re allowed to go just long enough to make you feel okay and to seemingly get you into position to dash you against the wave-pounded rocks. But what do we do when these things happen?

Question: Next posting, I’ll show you a glimpse into what I’m learning and how we can rise above these common times with extraordinary thankfulness. Tell me, how do you respond when the #typhoon of life or the “him-icanes and her-icanes” of life smash our dingy into unrecognizable shards?

Until later . . .       

Jonathan Watson


One thought on “A Tool of “Thanksgiving” #2

  1. I try to run to God firs… Reading the Word, praying…. You know. But most times I sulk and when an unsuspecting friend asks how I am…. I barf my grief. I am learning to trust God to help me be strong ….

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